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I lived and worked for a decade of years in "The Big Smoke" [Toronto], writing songs, recording, gigging and selling guitars on Yonge Street. A successful run of national hit records at country music radio in the mid -to- late 80’s resulted in my being signed to a publishing deal with the legendary major Nashville music publisher Combine Music, home of Kris Kristofferson and famously known as The House Of Quill Repute. Combine merged with SBK which got sold to EMI which is now owned by SONY MUSIC. For several good reasons, I demanded release from my writer’s contract with SBK prior to the EMI sale and soon after departed Music Row and the commercial country music business for good. Next, it was west to the Rockies, where mountains meet the sky. Who knows when the Muse's transcendent trails will finally lead me home. This mystical road has been long traveled with hopes of what is yet to be revealed with each new horizon. My history - Early Frank - Big Smoke, Third Coast - Burning In This Blaze - is documented at this website as are all my songs. Just click links to listen. It's my Maverick Tunesmith Duty to share the Blood & Bounty Beauty. In Touch With The Mystery, where no time exists, no space is wasted and no point is missed. Hope you enjoy my songs & my story. – Frank Trainor

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